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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

simply "Trust"

Ever find yourself "Out There" (mind racing, worrying, anxiety)? How do you bring yourself back in? I'll tell you what works for me. Its not a V8 or a Calgon bath; but its a simple word that I say to my 'self'.....TRUST. Its amazing how a simple word can bring about immediate peace for me.

Its a reminder to me that the same way that I automatically trust the creator to awaken me in the morning, provide me with continuous air to breathe, enable my organs to work properly, allow my heart to continue to pump blood, (must I go on?)etc., that I can also extend that "trust" to any area of my life that doesn't seem to be working. Its an awareness that transcends the temporal. I will trust that all my needs will be met.

All you ever need do is ask and trust -Iyanla Vanzant
(Live Well -Trust)

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