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Monday, July 19, 2010

40 days to 40 (Day 38)

I am so thankful for "Hot Showers"! Can you say therapeutic?? It may sound simple, but there is something "heavenly" about the hot water/body connection . I believe showers should be purposeful and not something we do because we have to. For some, its just to get clean; but what about to think,experience "me time",to refresh/re-group or to wash away the cares of the day?

I showered "on purpose" this evening. I allowed the water to heal and relax me. As I was totally focused, I did not allow my mind to go anywhere else. I stayed in present, and thanked God for the wonderful gift of hot water and massage shower heads :) The end result? A relaxed body and a clear mind. I don't take this simple pleasure for granted anymore. Its worked miracles for me. Its just ONE of the gifts of relaxation that works for me.

So what works for you? I may just try that too :)

(Live Well -Relax, Relate, Release)

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