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Saturday, July 17, 2010

40 days to 40

Today begins the countdown to a milestone in my life. I'm turning 40! Turning 40 for a lot of people is not big deal. To others, its a big deal. To me? I'm still figuring it out, but regardless, in 40 days, its going to happen. I think I started reflecting about a year ago and one word just kept popping up..."wow". As if I got here so fast. Its definitely a season of reflection. I'm starting to relive and experience things in my past that I never stopped to experience because I was constantly in the"future". There was a need to constantly stay on top of things and be ready for tomorrow, tonight, later on and what was taking place next. There were very few "present moments". A message my father ministered once came back to my memory that reflected on a fact that a person's stress was mainly the result of either dwelling in the past or the future. And there's the scripture in Matthew about "...not giving thought for tomorrow.."

So, I've made the decision to embrace it, acknowledge it, celebrate it and be "thankful". For the next 40 days, I intend to find things in my life that I'm thankful for . This, of course includes people and experiences that have contributed to this milestone and who I have become. I'll be writing "thank you letters" to people, and blogging about specific things that have occurred during the day that cause me to be thankful. I'm slowing down people.I'm learning to appreciate the "simplicity" of life and the blessings therein. I have plenty of things I could complain about (and often do), yet I have even more that I can be grateful for. So, when making a choice of where to exert my energy, especially the next 40 days, I believe it will be more to my benefit to be grateful. To quote a line from one of my favorite movies (The Five Heartbeats)...."We shall see! " :)

(Live Well -Give Thanks!)