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Saturday, July 17, 2010

So the Countdown begins (Day 40)

Of course, as soon as you make up your mind to do something, every opportunity comes your way to "give you practice". So has the day given me many opportunities give thanks "in spite of".

My daughter had a taste for some potatoes for dinner (special recipe of course), so the plan was to enjoy a steak and potatoes dinner. I hadn't used the grill all summer, so I thought this would be the perfect time.

Well, opportunity #1 came when I got to the check out at the grocery store and realized I had forgotten several coupons for a couple of items I bought. I went into a "I can't believe I did this" mode. But changed my mind and decided that I would be thankful that at least I would get another opportunity to use the coupons before the expiration date.

Opportunity #2- My great nephew "wet" himself and my sofa as he was taking nap today. Now I was a little disappointed with this one, but did not get too emotional. "What can I be thankful for in this?", I thought. Well, first I was thankful that it didn't go beyond the outside layer, and I was thankful that my washer and dryer was working properly so I was able to wash it immediately.

Opportunity #3 - I asked my daughter to keep an eye on the potatoes while I made a quick run. I called her while I was out to tell her to turn them off. She beat me to it, but I failed to tell her to remove it from the burner. So when I could smell them outside the door before I walked in the house, I knew they had burned. I did not want to make another trip to the grocery store and didn't know was would be the replacement, but thankfully I was able to recover some and have enough for the meal (even though they didn't eat any...more for me :).

Opportunity #4 -As soon as I lit the grill to cook the steaks, it started to rain. I was determined to have grilled steaks, so I had to cook steaks while it was raining. I was thankful that it was only sprinkling and wasn't a downpour.

Now as anxious and bothered as I could have gotten over everything that occurred today, as my daughter's began to eat, I thought about the homeless women Kyra had pointed out earlier in the day and a comment she had made (it was definitely a teachable moment about being thankful). They both said "Mommy this is good". I smiled and was grateful.

39 more days to go. Practice makes perfect, right?

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